5 Expert Tips For Beginner Kiteboarders That You Never Heard Of


Cody Legend's collection of kiteboarding tips collaborated from 28 of the top-kiteboarding professionals in the world. Here are the top 5 best tips experts agreed as the first things they would say to a beginner:

  1. Put the ego aside and get a few lessons: Take at least 5 lessons with a qualified kitesurfing instructor.  There is no safe substitute for this.  Learning from friends or by yourself is likely to compromise yours and other's safety.  Remember how you learned to drive? 

  2. Respect the wind: Don’t go out in wind speeds above 25 knots until you have have logged at least 30 sessions (30 hours on the water). You’ll need to spend time getting accustomed to the power of the wind and how your gear responds.

  3. Always start with a trainer kite: Don't be seduced by the large powerful full size kites when you first start. Trainer kites are smaller than full-size kites which are easier to control and reduce your risk of losing control. Once you have a conform level advance to a full size kite.

  4. Practice using your safety systems - you need to use them instinctively. If you unexpectedly feel you’ve lost control you’ll need to know how to use your quick-release and your safety system so you can regain control fast. Nothing will feel more important than putting a stop to things of they get out of hand. 

  5. Always carry a wind meter with you: The wind speed will make or break your day. Knowing the wind speed is extremely important for your safety and gear to use. The wind will change constantly so being able to easily check it will help you decide what gear to use and when not to go out. 


Expert kiteboarders know their gear, their skill level and most importantly, the power of the wind at all times. Get a free wind meter here, for the next time you are out.   

Has there been a kiteboarder that has underestimated the speed of the wind? Probably, but no one ever saw him again!